Thursday, July 12, 2018

Get Ready! It's almost here - Hack and Detect - coming soon!!

Learning by Practicing
Hack & Detect
Leveraging the Cyber Kill Chain for Practical Hacking
and its Detection via Network Forensics  

Author Nik Alleyne

Currently wrapping up my first book and am attaching the sample chapters for you my readers to get a head start into what to expect. Please note these are sample chapters and not the final product. 

If you have some comments and or suggestions to provide, feel free to either drop me a line or leave a comment below. 

To download click here.
MD5: F5AA9B28678051CBE29AA07DB4410140
SHA256: CBF93818218A53002B10C48F5C200D7C1B31D02536168D979F997DFBBA79B0C4


  1. Nik, where will I be able to buy the book once it is out?

    1. Hey Anonymous,
      Thanks for the curiosity. It will be available via the normal book channels. So you can pickup either the digital format or the printed version.

      Thanks for your interest.