Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Mastering TShark Network Forensics - Moving from Zero to Hero

Mastering TShark Network Forensics - Moving From Zero To Hero

The wait is finally over! The book you have been waiting on to make you a Master of TShark Network Forensics - Moving from Zero to Hero, is finally here!!!

Be it you are a Network Engineer, a Network Forensics Analyst, someone new to packet analysis or someone who occasionally looks at packet, this book is guaranteed to improve your TShark skills, while moving you from Zero to Hero.

Mastering TShark Network Forensics, can be considered the definitive repository of TShark knowledge. It is your one-stop shop for all you need to Master TShark, with adequate references to allow you to go deeper on peripheral topics if you so choose.

Book Objectives
1. Introduce packet capturing architecture
2. Teach the basics of TShark
3. Teach some not so basic TShark tricks
4. Solve real world challenges with TShark
5. Identify services hiding behind other protocols
8  Mastering TShark Network Forensics
6. Perform “hands-free” packet capture with TShark
7. Analyze and decrypt TLS encrypted traffic
8. Analyze and decrypt WPA2 Personal Traffic
9. Going way beyond – Leveraging TShark and Python for IP threat intelligence
10. Introduce Lua scripts
11. Introduce packet editing
12. Introduce packet merging
13. Introduce packet rewriting
14. Introduce remote packet capturing

Who is this book for?
While this book is written specifically for Network Forensics Analysts, it is equally beneficial to anyone who
supports the network infrastructure. This means, Network Administrators, Security Specialists, Network
Engineers, etc., will all benefit from this book. Considering the preceding, I believe the following represents the
right audience for this book:
• Individuals starting off their Cybersecurity careers
• Individuals working in a Cyber/Security Operations Center (C/SOC)
• General practitioners of Cybersecurity
• Experienced Cybersecurity Ninjas who may be looking for a trick or two
• Anyone who just wishes to learn more about TShark and its uses in network forensics
• Anyone involved in network forensics
• More importantly, anyhow who is looking for a good read

Grab a copy from Amazon:

Not sure if this book is for you? Take a glimpse at the sample chapter before committing to it.
Mastering TShark sample chapters can be found at:

All PCAPS used within this book can be found at:

As an addition to this book, the tool, pktIntel: Tool used to perform threat intelligence against packet data can be found at:

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