Sunday, December 31, 2017

Cisco CCNP:300-115 - 1.3.c Normal, extended VLAN, voice VLAN

Recently I needed to renew my Cisco CCNPs, that is both CCNP Routing and Switching as well as CCNP Security. While working with Cisco products (well now they own SourceFire, so exclude these) is not within my daily duties, I still thought it was important for me to maintain these two credentials. As a result, I've put together my notes below focusing on the key points I used to study. I believe that someone else may find them useful.

          - VLAN 1 (Normal Range): is Cisco default. This VLAN can be used but cannot be modified or deleted
          - VLAN 2-1005 (Normal Range): can be used, created, modified and deleted as needed
          - VLANS 1002 - 1005 is reserved for Token Ring and FDDI VLANs
          - VLAN 1006-4094 (Extended Range): Can be created, used, and named.
              - These are always in active state
              - Always enabled by default and cannot be shutdown
          - VLAN 3968 - 4047 and 4094 (Internally allocated): For internal use. Cannot be created, deleted or modified by you
          - Voice VLAN port is an accept port attached to a Cisco IP phone and is configured to use one VLAN for voice traffic and another for data traffic


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