Sunday, October 2, 2016

Ahhhh ... That Google interview process - interesting and exciting

Recently I was reached out to for a role within Google as a Manager within its Detection Team. After completing the phone interview, I was invited to be onsite at its office in Mountain View, California. The experience of the onsite interview is something I will appreciate for a very long time.

It started with an interview with a senior leader within Google, then I headed off to lunch with my potential manager. After lunch I had 3 interviews with 4 persons back to back to back consisting of various managers within and around my potential working area. These interviews challenged me in a few instances but generally was interesting but not overly overwhelming.

While it was not overwhelming, there were a few technical areas which I just don't do on a daily basis and was not as sharp at, while there were others which has never been my primary or secondary focus during my career. While most of the questions tried to focus on my thought process, there are just topics in life (like some technical stuff) which you just can't add logic to and if you did, you may seem ignorant about the topic.

While in the end I was not offered the job, I am still flattered that Google thought I was interesting enough to consider making me part of their team. It did massage my ego ;-)

So what's the take away for you if you looking to go work for Google?
If you are interested in working for Google and do get yourself through the door, ensure you are prepared and basically that you know your stuff. While you may be going for one specific role, be prepared for questions that may come on the outskirts of the areas you are being interviewed for. Remember Google is an engineering company :-)

Some other links that may be helpful in preparing you for your Google interview.

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  1. Fate has it that google would miss what you had to offer and perhaps some other companies (including F) would gave what you have to offer. It is called Karma and with that Karma, employees who worked, are working and will work under you would too feel the same karmic association. Good or Bad--let time tell its own curvy story. :)