Thursday, December 12, 2019

Build on your Red & Blue Team skills from a practical perspective while learning about the Cyber Kill Chain

It's finally here! If you are looking for the right book to help you expand your network forensics knowledge, this is the book you need.

In Hack and Detect we leverage the Cyber Kill Chain for practical hacking and more importantly it's detection leveraging network forensics. In this book you will use Kali and many of its tools including Metasploit to hack and then we do lots of detecting via logs and packet analysis. We also implement mitigation strategies for limit and or prevent future compromises.

Grab your copy from Amazon to learn more.

Alternatively, grab the updated and production ready sample chapters here to get a sneak peak of what you can expect.

NOTE: All sample logs, pcaps, vbscripts, etc can be found on the book's GitHub page located here: This means if you don't wish to build your own lab, you have all you need to follow along.

Alternatively, you can use this link:

Do enjoy the read! Please do leave your comment on what you liked, what you don't like and most importantly, what I can do differently the next time if I decide to go down this road again. :-)

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