Sunday, December 22, 2019

Coming Soon!!! Learning by Practicing - Mastering TShark Network Forensics - Moving from Zero to Hero

If you are looking for the right book to help you expand your Mastery of TShark Network forensics, this is the book you have been waiting for.

In Mastering TShark Network Forensics, you learn TShark from the basics to the not not so basic. There are numerous challenges throughout this book to reinforce the content as you go along.

Along with the various challenges in the chapters, there is a section fully dedicated to solving real world challenges using TShark. This is meant to provide even further re-enforcement of the content previously learned.

As a final takeaway, you leverage TShark with Python to perform IP threat intelligence, comparing IPs found on a known blacklist with what has been captured in your environment.

Download the sample chapters here to confirm this is the TShark book you have been waiting on.  

NOTE: All PCAPS can be found on the Author's GitHub page located here

Do enjoy the read! Please do leave your comment on what you liked, what you don't like and most importantly, what I can do differently the next time.


  1. Can we purchase on Pre-order discount?

    1. Thanks for the enthusiasm. I do greatly appreciate the support. No pre-orders at this time but God's willing, it will be out in February.

      Thanks for your patience.